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The Lilac Sun Group, LLC, a California limited liability company and the owner and operator of (hereinafter “GirlfriendGrapevine”) is committed to respecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The following online privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes the information we collect and how we use it.
By using this website, you consent to this Privacy Policy.


We built GirlfriendGrapevine to empower women and provide a place for women to make new friends who share the same interests and for networking. Being part of GirlfriendGrapevine means sharing information about yourself with other persons. By default your account is set up to share the information that we have found the vast majority of our users are interested in sharing.

If you have any hesitation about providing information to us or having your information displayed on GirlfriendGrapevine website or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, you should not become a user of GirlfriendGrapevine and if you are already a user you should close your account. We collect your personal information in the following ways:

  • Registration. When you decide to register and join GirlfriendGrapevine, we do request personal information from you (which may include name, address, telephone number, email address, age, gender, and when necessary, credit card information).
  • Profile Information. Once you become a user you may provide additional information to your GirlfriendGrapevine profile describing yourself and your interests. Providing additional information about yourself beyond what is minimally required at registration is entirely up to you, but providing additional information enables you to derive more benefit from GirlfriendGrapevine.
  • Using the GirlfriendGrapevine Site. We receive information when you interact and use the GirlfriendGrapevine website. For example, we know when you click on certain features on the website like Activities or our Blog.
  • Cookies and Pixel Tags. Like most websites we use cookies and web log files to track site usage and trends, to improve the quality of our service, to customize your experience on GirlfriendGrapevine. A cookie is a small piece of information that a website can send to your browser and may then be stored on your computer’s hard drive. It acts as an anonymous tag that identifies your computer, but not you personally. Cookies have the ability to store information about web pages viewed and the advertisements viewed or clicked. For registered users, cookies can also save user information and screen preferences. You can set your browser to notify you before you receive a cookie, giving you the opportunity to decide whether to accept it. You can also set your browser to reject any cookies. Since many websites use cookies to allow visitors to navigate easily, you may find that some websites or pages do not work well if you reject the cookies associated with them. A pixel tag, also known as a clear GIF or web beacon, is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of our website but not on your computer. When you access these pages, pixel tags generate a generic notice of that visit. They usually work in conjunction with cookies, registering when a particular computer visits a particular page. If you turn off cookies the pixel tag will simply detect an anonymous website visit.
  • Advertising. To support GirlfriendGrapevine which we provide at no cost to our users as well as to provide a more relevant and useful experience for our users, we reserve the right to target and serve of our ads and third-party ads both on and off the site using ad networks. These companies may collect non-personally identifiable information about your visits to our website and your interaction with our communications, including advertising.
  • Log files, IP Addresses and information about your computer and mobile device.
Due to the communications standards on the internet, when you visit the GirlfriendGrapevine website we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came and the site to which you are going when you leave GirlfriendGrapevine. Additionally, advertisers receive the URL of the page you were on when you click on an ad on GirlfriendGrapevine. GirlfriendGrapevine also receives the internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), your computer operating system and type of web browser you are using, email patterns, your mobile device (including your UDID) and mobile operating system (if you are accessing GirlfriendGrapevine using a mobile device), as well as the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier. GirlfriendGrapevine may also receive location data passed to it from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have enabled.


  • Consent to GirlfriendGrapevine Processing Information About You. The information you provide to GirlfriendGrapevine may reveal, or allow others to identify, your nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, and other aspects of your life. By providing information to us for the purposes of creating your user account or adding any additional details to your GirlfriendGrapevine profile, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and GirlfriendGrapevine’s Terms and Conditions that allow GirlfriendGrapevine to process information about you. Supplying information to GirlfriendGrapevine, including any information deemed “sensitive” by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part. You have the right to withdraw your consent to GirlfriendGrapevine’s collection and processing of your information at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, or by closing your account by sending a request to Contact Us [insert hyperlink, but please note that your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive.
  • Operational Purposes. For the purpose of operating our business, we may transfer information between GirlfriendGrapevine and our preferred service providers who use that information only to conduct GirlfriendGrapevine business. For example, but not by way of limitation, preferred service providers may handle GirlfriendGrapevine’s credit card processing, data management, email distribution, market research, information analysis, and promotions management. We provide our preferred service providers with the information they need to perform their services and work with them to respect and protect your information.
  • To Government Agencies. On rare occasions, as set forth in more detail the GirlfriendGrapevine Terms and Conditions, we may disclose specific information upon governmental request, in response to a court order, when required by law, to enforce our website policies, or to protect our or others’ rights, property, or safety. We may also share information with companies assisting in fraud protection or investigation. Again, we do not provide information to these agencies or companies for marketing or commercial purposes.
  • Search.
We offer search services to help find information and learn more about other visitors of GirlfriendGrapevine. Your profile can presently be searched on the basis of your location, interests, name, age range, occupation, education level.
  • Activities, Reviews, and other Services.
If you post an Activity, send a message or participate in other services of GirlfriendGrapevine, any personally identifiable information you choose to provide there can be read, collected, or used by other users of these forums and other third parties, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. GirlfriendGrapevine is not responsible for the information you choose to submit in these forums. Also, some content in these areas may be searchable on the internet. While you can delete your account at any time, please note that ideas you post and information you share may be seen and used by other users, and GirlfriendGrapevine cannot guarantee that other users have not made copies of or use the ideas and information that you share with others on GirlfriendGrapevine.
  • Advertising and Endorsements on GirlfriendGrapevine.
In order to deliver relevant and valuable ads to you and other users of the site, GirlfriendGrapevine, reserves the right to use your name and profile photo in connection with social advertising based on content shared on GirlfriendGrapevine. This advertising may include the fact that you have recommended or endorsed a product or service on GirlfriendGrapevine.


  • Default Settings. Because the mission of GirlfriendGrapevine is to connect women who do not already know each other, please be aware that we have established settings that may share more of your information than you are accustomed to having shared on other social networks, which have been designed primarily to connect people who already know each other. The GirlfriendGrapevine platform is not currently programmed to permit you to change these settings. Additional features may be added in this regard in the future, but you acknowledge GirlfriendGrapevine is under no obligation to do so.
  • Closing Your Account.
You can close your account by sending us a request at Contact Us [hyperlink this]. If you close your GirlfriendGrapevine account, we will remove your name and other personally identifiable information from our publicly viewable database. If you close your account, we have no obligation to retain your information, and may delete any or all of your account information without liability. However, we may retain certain data contributed by you if GirlfriendGrapevine believes it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as analysis of aggregated, non-personally identifiable data, account recovery, or if required by law. GirlfriendGrapevine may also retain and use your information if necessary to provide the services to other users. For example, just as an email you may send to another person through an email service provider resides in that person’s inbox even after you delete it from your sent files or close your account, your messages or contributions of content, may remain visible to others after you have closed your account. Similarly, other information you have shared with others, or that other users have copied, may also remain visible. GirlfriendGrapevine disclaims any liability in relation to the deletion or retention (subject to the terms herein) of information or any obligation not to delete the information. Further, GirlfriendGrapevine does not control when search engines update their cache, which may contain certain public profile information that has since been removed from GirlfriendGrapevine’s publicly viewable database.
  • Memorializing Accounts.
If we learn that a user is deceased, we may memorialize the user’s account. In these cases we may restrict profile access, remove messaging functionality, and close an account if we receive a formal request from the user’s next of kin or other proper legal request to do so.


We use a variety of security measures, including sophisticated encryption and authentication tools to maintain the safety of your personal information. Your personal information is contained behind secure networks and is only accessible to a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. When you subscribe to our services or access your personal information, we offer the use of a secure server. All credit card information you supply is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our databases to be accessed only as stated above. However, since the internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of information you transmit to GirlfriendGrapevine.


We may update this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without advance notice. In the event there are significant changes in the way we treat your personally identifiable information, or in the Privacy Policy document itself, we will display a notice on the GirlfriendGrapevine website or send you an email, so that you may review the changed terms prior to continuing to use the site. As always, if you object to any of the changes to our terms, and you no longer wish to use GirlfriendGrapevine, you may close your account by sending us a request at Contact Us [hyperlink this]. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that GirlfriendGrapevine has about you and your account.
Using GirlfriendGrapevine after a notice of changes has been sent to you or published on our site shall constitute consent to the changed terms or practices.


We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy, and may be contacted via our Contact Us form or via direct email to


Please also visit our Terms and Conditions [needs hyperlinked] that explain other terms governing the use of our website.

The Lilac Sun Group, LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 28, 2013.