Ordered Steps

Stacie Cain wondered the streets of St. Remy, France alone. Surrounded by the stone buildings with clay tile roofs and quaint shops that lined the narrow streets, it felt more like walking through time than a shopping excursion. Stacie was in search of the unique, perhaps a small treasure that would represent her personal journey thus far and become a memento she could cherish back at home in Los Angeles.

This trip was meant to be a reward she gave herself for all her hard work in a fast-paced corporate office working for a well-known Fortune 50 company as a Sales Marketing Manager. During this rare down time between high-profile corporate jobs, she thought she’d celebrate her career thus far, but instead found herself searching inwardly more and more as she wandered through the hillside Provincial town.

Taking in the sights, she soon found herself standing on the ramparts of Les Baux, a medieval castle carved into the stone of the French Alps, overlooking St. Remy on the hillside below. Breathtaking views of the countryside framed by steep cliffs couldn’t turn her thoughts from her anxiety. She thought she should have been happier, more content than she was.

“I remember the moment and feeling a little disappointed, like I was missing the point,” Stacie recalled. “I found myself wondering about my career and the point of it all. I was suddenly between jobs yet I knew I couldn’t go back to a corporate career although that was all I had known. Ultimately, I questioned my purpose in life.”


Despite her surroundings, the feeling persisted and intensified and Staci seemed utterly lost and bewildered at this change her life had taken. “Then, out of nowhere, I had this distinct impression of a Biblical passage; Isaiah 45:3. It was very clear and resolute and hit me hard. Isiah 45:3 says, ‘I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.’

“I didn’t understand at first. I’m a very spiritual person, but this didn’t really make any sense to me at the time,” Stacie recalled. “But I just couldn’t shake the phrases that kept running through my head all night, ’…hidden riches…. secret places….hidden riches….secret places….’ I didn’t know what it meant in that moment.”

The next day, she occupied herself with a renewed vigor, focusing on her shopping quest. She inquired with a local about where the best antique shops might be in the town only to discover she was mere kilometers from the largest antique trove in the country, Isle de la Sorgue. It was an entire city dedicated to antique European treasures.

Stacie quickly made her way to this new location excited that she may have stumbled upon the find of a lifetime. She had always been enamored with vintage pieces and had a rare affinity for their stylish charm and sophisticated lines, but it was a passing hobby that she enjoyed privately. Now, she was surrounded on every side by dealers whose wears ranged from kitschy and fun to the truly spectacular in mid-century treasures.

”It was truly a dream come true and I dove right in, spending hours looking for just the right piece,” she remembers. “I couldn’t believe it. Here I was in a foreign country and didn’t speak the language, but somehow I ended up in the most perfect place in the world. It was exhilarating.”

It was then the realization occurred to her, “It was all arranged. From the bed and breakfast I choose, the location I chose. I felt that God was ‘ordering my steps’. The Book of Proverbs says that, ‘…the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord’. I cannot explain the sense of bewilderment I felt in between jobs and knowing that I couldn’t return to corporate America. It had been my source of livelihood for years and it was all I knew.”

“It was a shocking experience, like I suddenly knew what I would do with my life. This feeling I had of finding something so special that made me feel good; I could help other people feel that way, too”.

Stacie knew that her hectic life remained stable because she had taken great pains to make her home a private sanctuary, a place of refuge. It was a place that helped ground her to those things that were important in life – relationships, family and her own sense of well-being.

“This is what I strive for, helping people find a world of opportunity in design and to realize their vision for what they want their spaces to be. It should be a place of harmony so personal and unique to that individual. This is what I hope to achieve for everyone who walks through my door”.

Stacie Cain is the owner of 45 Three Home, a stunningly simple and elegant home décor boutique that features unique vintage finds and special antiques from around the world. Her shop is never the same when visitors stop by because Stacie is constantly reimagining her purpose to best serve others; her service is design therapy for the soul.

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  1. Hi Stacie,
    I just joined this site, and your blog was the first thing I read. I connected with it/you immediately.
    I am a former army wife, and lived in Europe for 14 years. I have collected some of these treasures you’ve found along the way. It was always about the “find” of a memento of where I was in space and time. They fulfilled me in a personal way that was beyond materialism.
    I am now looking to turn these treasures into income. I am ready to let go with some of those parts of my life. I had an idea to do something similar to what you’ve done. I want to share my finds with people who might connect with them as I did.
    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m inspired.

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