Ordered Steps

Stacie Cain wondered the streets of St. Remy, France alone. Surrounded by the stone buildings with clay tile roofs and quaint shops that lined the narrow streets, it felt more like walking through time than a shopping excursion. Stacie was in search of the unique, perhaps a small treasure that would represent her personal journey thus far and become a memento she could cherish back at home in Los Angeles.

This trip was meant to be a reward she gave herself for all her hard work in a fast-paced corporate office working for a well-known Fortune 50 company as a Sales Marketing Manager. During this rare down time between high-profile corporate jobs, she thought she’d celebrate her career thus far, but instead found herself searching inwardly more and more as she wandered through the hillside Provincial town.

Taking in the sights, she soon found herself standing on the ramparts of Les Baux, a medieval castle carved into the stone of the French Alps, overlooking St.… Continue Reading →

Success is all in the Details for Young Los Angeleno Entrepreneur

trang-interview When people consider a career change into entrepreneurship, seldom do they include operating a partnership as a feature of that endeavor. Fewer still would revel in a partnership that included their mother, but that is exactly what made the prospect so appealing to Soha, who could not have imagined a better scenario.

Soha is a 20-something business owner, in partnership with her mother, Sherly, of Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique ( on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. The location affords the salon its fair share of celebrity clients, including a brief feature as the backdrop for an episode of VH1’s reality show, “Love and Hip Hop”. However, it is the community atmosphere of the neighborhood that helps lend the salon it’s inclusive, welcoming feel.

Neither Soha nor her mother had experience operating a business when they decided to open their salon. Soha had begun a career in Public Relations while her mother enjoyed a career in dentistry, yet neither of them waivered from their shared vision.… Continue Reading →