About Me

Single/Spiritual/non-religious/non-drinker, non smoker/non 420/cat and pet friendly. Part homebody, part adventurer. Love self-help, self discovery teachings like Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, etc. Finding new reliable, intimate, honest, reciprocal strong quality friendships/ fellowships with positive self-aware conscious-minded women. Laid back personality, analytical, quirky, funny, sarcastic, love psychology. Going out on weekends a must renting bikes or skates by the beach, enjoying cool hiking trails and the scenic parts of LA, parks, etc., picnics, great conversation, love cooking and eating a lot, new recipes...enjoy the finer things and the most simplistic things in life all the same.

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Things I would like someone to know about me right off the bat...

Spiritual/non-religious, self-aware, conscious minded and appreciates the same, reliable, believer in the law of reciprocity, all about quality over quantity, cat and pet lover, sarcastic, quirky funny, love to eat, cook, lounging at home or at a friends place and going out without having to spend an arm and a leg. Positive minded.


Some College

3 things I value most in a friendship....

Honesty/Kindness/Considerate, reciprocity, reliability

Day person or night person...

Both depending on activity, not early morning

My perfect vacation...

Take the girls and go to Can Cun for a few days and do fun touristy stuff, parasailing, hang gliding, in a new area. or go to Mammoth or Big Bear on a weekend and ski for the first time on a bunny slope, rent a cabin and sip hot chocolate and chatting and laughing with girlfriends. Amusement park, or going to Vegas and seeing cool shows.

My dream career ...


Religious beliefs...

Spritual/non religious

What activities would you like to do with your friends?

Enjoy Charmed or other Netflix marathon, spa day, or pamper day at the house, play date with another cat person

My idea of a fun Girls Night Out

karaoke, a play, bowling, dave and busters, dinner

My favorite foods and restaurants...

Pizza, wings, seafood, Chinese

Left Brain or Right Brain ...


My favorite things to do on a lazy day ...

Listen to spiritual talks online, Charmed marathon, surf the net, spa day, long bath, eat and sleep

My favorite types of music ...

Old School R&B, Jazz, , Pop, AlRock

My deal breakers in a friendship

Inconsideration, negative, one-sided/lack of reciprocity, disrespectful, unreliable, inconsistency, unreasonable/irrational in argument, argumentative, hitting below the belt, passive/aggressive, cold, disloyal, attitude, dishonest

Who are your role models?

Oprah, Louise Hay, Iyanla Vanzant, Me

Why did you join Girlfriend Grapevine?

To meet new fun friends!

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